Thanks for checking out my site!

I hope you appreciate my honest, no nonsense approach to the information here. My goal when putting this site together was to keep it real. I don't try to sell an 'image' here, or try to mold myself after what I believe gentlemen are looking for. I have a lot to offer as a person, not only in appearance and personality, but in character too, so I didn’t feel the need to create a façade or pretentious B*S* hyping myself up to appear more alluring and seductive. Though I hold myself in high regard, I feel descriptives such as 'beautiful', 'classy' etc., are more appropriately and best given to a deserving person after meeting, not to describe oneself  and doing so on a site would be a reflection of an over inflated ego.

 "Beauty will get you in the door, but after 5 minutes, you're on your own" --- Mom ---

Mom raised me to rely on personality and inner beauty and to be humble about the outer surface. I hope my site mirrors my down to earth character. I'm all about genuine sincerity, not facades or phoniness and I'm only interested in meeting the gentleman that appreciate these qualities and are intelligent enough to know the difference.

Shelby Lynn

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